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The American Heart Association is wrong. Coconut oil is NOT a bad for you

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Recently the American Heart Association (AHA) made a statement that coconut oil increases bad cholesterol which causes heart disease.

They got it wrong…

First, the AHA taunts dated information.

Remember not all LDL is created equally. And heart disease as well as stroke are diseases of INFLAMMATION not high LDL cholesterol!

Second, the oils listed by the AHA are not healthier, in fact they induce inflammation.

And frying foods does create transfats which are well researched to cause major inflammation.

Prior to WWII, heart disease was relatively uncommon. Americans ate lots of saturated fats. Then the dairy products were used to support the troops and replaced with vegetable oils, including margarine. Guess what? By 1950s heart disease was the new killer.

Third, eating fat does NOT produce bad cholesterol.

Eating sugar, starches and more carbs than you expend increases small particle LDL and inflammation which causes heart disease.

Here’s the truth about cholesterol.

Cholesterol is manufactured by the liver in response to the body’s need for two things: bandaids and hormones.

Cholesterol is nature’s bandaid, providing the necessary materials to shore up damaged tissues and support cells.

Cholesterol is also at the center of every steroid hormone: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone. The word steroid comes from “sterol”—the cholesterol molecule at the root of every steroid hormone.

When your body produces less hormones in times of stress or with the natural aging process, the hypothalamus which orchestrates the symphony of hormones alerts the liver “get some cholesterol to the gonads and adrenals, pronto!!” Now the tired, declining glands cannot always use the cholesterol resources so generously provided by the liver, so it floats around in the bloodstream. High cholesterol is not a dis-ease but a symptom of something deeper.

If you keep hormones in Harmony by supporting the ovaries, testes and adrenals, excess cholesterol will be made into necessary steroid hormones. Whenever cholesterol is elevated, I look for steroid hormone imbalances. The liver is not trying to clog up your arteries, but just responding to the hypothalamus’ cry for help.

I recently got an email from one of my readers about cholesterol. She’s menopausal and in spite of a healthy diet and exercise, her cholesterol is rising. Would Genesis Gold® help?

I created Genesis Gold® to balance your hormones and your hypothalamus which helps lower cholesterol. That’s because hormones specifically steroid hormones like estrogen, progesterone and cortisol are made from LDL cholesterol. whenever I see a patient with elevated cholesterol, I start working on balancing their hormones.

Of course I also work with my patients on their diet as insulin resistance will cause an elevation in cholesterol too (it’s not fat but sugar that raises the bad cholesterol).

I explain all this in my book Hormones in Harmony®. Thankfully Genesis Gold® helps reverse insulin resistance.

Now balance takes time, so the effect on your cholesterol will not be seen for at least three months. In the original research it took six months to bring down total cholesterol in the most hormonally challenged patients, but their cholesterol ratio was healthier (with HDL rising to >30% of total cholesterol in the first three months). I measure LDL and HDL particle size and Genesis Gold definitely improves both protective LDL and HDL particles.

Usually after three to six months of using Genesis Gold®, the cholesterol levels normalize as the hormones come into balance.

If you are over fifty and menopausal (or andropausal for aging men), it is normal for cholesterol levels to rise up to 200-250 ng/dl, even if you exercise and eat well. Over 250, I treat with natural cholesterol lowering agents, because statins have the ominous side effect of suppressing protective CoQ10 production leading to neurological damage. I usually do not treat high cholesterol until the endocrine dysfunction is corrected, unless you have a family history of heart disease specifically arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries) causing stroke and heart attacks.

Pharmaceutical cholesterol lowering drugs work by blocking the liver’s production of cholesterol as well as Coenzyme Q10 which is an essential element for cardiac and neurological health. Studies have shown that long term use of lipid lowering drugs can lead to cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and neuropathy (ie. Parkinson’s disease). Side effects of lipid lowering agents include, muscle pain, fatigue, depression and liver dysfunction

An alternative to pharmaceutical treatment is Red Rice Yeast, a natural microplant that lowers cholesterol in the same way as the drugs but with little side effects. Co-enzyme Q10 should be taken daily with a fatty meal to enhance absorption whether you choose the conventional medications or the natural therapy.

What about diet? You can’t control your cholesterol levels by eating a low fat diet. The liver does not make cholesterol from excess dietary fat but from excess sugar and starches. When you consume more glucose than you can expend or store as glycogen, the liver converts the glucose into triglycerides (meaning three sugar molecules on a fat) which are taken by VLDL to the adipose (fat) cells for storage. Limit your sugars and starches to help lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

Anything eaten in excess is not good for you.

Americans are into super sizing everything. So if coconut oil is touted as healthy, then why not replace all your fat with it? Wrong! Only one third of your fat intake should come from saturated fats, the rest from unsaturated fats – like olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados.

So, yes, I think Genesis Gold® will help balance the neuro-immune-endocrine system which in turn will lower the liver’s production of LDL cholesterol.

Since cholesterol is the root of steroid hormones, doesn’t it make sense to treat hormonal imbalances first?

Smooth Transitions

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Life seems to be shifting so rapidly now. So many of my patients are presenting with complaints of stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue related to major life transitions. Divorce and other significant relationships ending, deaths of friends and family members, loss of jobs and homes, accidents…especially motor vehicle. It’s as is life is pulling the rug out from under us.

Even happy changes like new relationships, weddings and childbirth can bring a sense of unease as you attempt to balance all you’ve been with what you’re becoming.

During times of transitions, life can seem daunting. Your head is in the clouds wondering where you’re going or your feet are stuck in the mud of self doubt.

I always counsel my patients that everything is a blessing, often in disguise as a lesson. The secret to thriving during change is to open to receive the gift of each and every encounter.

Here’s how to stay grounded in gratitude during life’s transitions: Read the rest of this entry »

Help Your Body Age Gracefully

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“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

Gold turns to Silver, Dark becomes Light…

Time shapes us…Here are some tips on how to age gracefully.

Feed your Body Well

  • Enjoy Your Food—what we tell our body becomes reality.
  • Learn to love Produce. Colorful fruits and vegetables provides many phytonutrients including anti-oxidants that help your body decrease inflammation which ages it rapidly.
  • Get adequate protein for your lean body mass. Protein is lost as you age. Amino acids are the building blocks for all life—your muscles, bones, and organs, your hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune factors, and especially all the enzymes that catalyze every bodily function. And essential amino acids come from protein!
  • Eat healthy fats. Especially omega 3 fatty fish. Olive oil, nut oils, coconut oil, flax and hemp seed oils, avocados provide good fats for healthy cell function and adequate hormone production.
  • Drink red wine. One of the most powerful antioxidants, this super anti-aging food is enjoyed by theMediterranean people who have some of the best ratings of health and longevity in the world.
  • Eat only whole grains—go sparingly on the refined grains and flours and especially processed foods which are stripped of nutrients.
  • Cleanse your body with Vegies—Stop fasting and start fueling your metabolism.

Exercise your Body Joyfully

  • Exercise at least 3-5 times per week. Aerobic exercise (activity that makes you breathe hard) can slow the aging process by stimulating mitochondrial growth and activity. At the cellular level, age is a process of declining energy production. And energy comes form abundant, healthy functioning mitochondria.
  • Be active all day to avoid the “sitting disease”. Sitting more than a couple of hours a day is associated with diabetes, heart disease, poor sleep, and cognitive decline.
  • Grow a Garden. Gardening is a physical activity that provides exercise, connection with the earth and home grown produce!
  • Walk everywhere you can. Depend less on motorized transportation and more on the perfect vehicle of your body.
  • Carry your own stuff. Upper body strength can be built and maintained as you age by continuing your daily activities.

Take care of your Brain

  • Play games. Cards and other memory games can increase memory and attention.
  • Engage with other people. Regular social interaction especially with people of different ages stimulates your brain.
  • Take a class. Learning a new skill increases attention, memory, and problem solving abilities.
  • Mind over Matter. If you believe you will age poorly, your body will manifest age-related decline.

Supplement Wisely

  • Antioxidants to help your cells clean house.
  • Omega 3’s to protect against inflammation.
  • Digestive aides to help assimilate nutrients form the foods you eat.
  • Probiotics to keep your gut healthy.
  • Super greens to provide your body with extra phytonutrients.
  • Amino acids to provide the building blocks for healthy brain function and rebuild tissues.
  • Plant based vitamins and minerals that are activated and easily absorbed.

And to help you simplify your supplement regime, I created Genesis Gold® which has all the anti-aging micronutrients to help you age more gracefully.

Buy Now!

To your long healthy life!

Helping the Elderly (and us Caretakers) Sleep

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As our population lives longer than ever before, many of us are becoming caretakers for our elderly.

As the brain ages, sleep lightens. When enough sleep is missed, the brain can become over stimulated. Then it becomes even more difficult to get needed rest.

In desperation, most of us tend to reach for either pharmaceutical drugs or natural remedies to help us sleep.

Some elderly people get overstimulated by that which should calm them down. It can be the first dose or an over accumulation of medications or supplements that they haven’t completely metabolized. Read the rest of this entry »

Working with the Mind-Body Connection

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We have heard much of the Mind-Body connection. How thought creates reality. I believe the connection is deeper. That the body is the perfect vehicle for the soul in this earthly dimension. It is through the dense, sensual physical body that the soul learns profound lessons and experiences precious gifts.

Within the temple of the body exists all the knowledge needed for the soul to complete its journey here on earth. The vital information lies deep within each cell, in the genetic blueprint—the DNA. Encoded for optimal existence, our DNA resonates with the earth, with the plants and the animals. And our DNA resonates with others through the experience of Emotion. Emotion is the path to the soul, the body is the garden in which the path takes form. Read the rest of this entry »

Educate not Medicate – The Solution to Polypharmacy

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My husband’s grandmother stayed with us. At 89 years old, Gran was on a lot of medicines. Many of which, she no longer needed, but as she said, “The doctors never take anything away, only add more.” Plus all her dietary supplements… a total of 23 pills.

Gran is the typical geriatric patient. Being treated with drugs for every complaint. Let’s count them! Read the rest of this entry »

Our Parasitic Health Care System

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Since being back in the throng of conventional medicine it has become very clear to me that our health care system is parasitic. It feeds off dis-ease.

Insurance pays poorly or not at all for health education to empower patients. It pays by diagnoses—the more dis-eased, the more it pays. Yet you cannot treat everything at once.

No, insurances do not pay well if you try to take care of all the patient’s concerns in one visit. It pays to have the patient come back and back again for each complaint.

And there is no time to educate, let alone empower the patient. Read the rest of this entry »

Tap into your Genetic Potential

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So you think you’re stuck with what you’re born with? Not so.

Our genetic potential has barely been tapped. Most of us only use about 30% of our DNA. What do I mean by that? Well, when scientists finally decoded DNA in 2000 they found that less than one third of our genetic material was being expressed. The rest they called junk. We have since found out that the rest of the “unexpressed DNA” is not junk.

Think of holiday lights taken out of storage. A tangled mess you plug in and only 1/3 of the lights are on. Now with a little work, you can disentangle the lights and figure out which bulb needs tightening or replaced and viola, they all work. Well, same with our DNA. The secret is how to tap into to our highest potential. Read the rest of this entry »

The Male Brain and Hormones

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Is Male Behavior affected by Hormones?

Of course! Any woman knows that. Men are as affected by their hormones as we women are affected by ours. Yet it takes a study from Cambridge University to prove to the world of powerful men that indeed, their behavior is affected by hormones.

What’s most interesting is that this recent study looked at not male athletic or sexual performance, but how testosterone levels affect financial decisions.

In today’s world where the alpha male is not judged as much by his brawn but by his brains (or at least his ability to make money), these findings are quite significant. The study found that the higher the morning levels of testosterone were, the more money made that day. Read the rest of this entry »