Using our Sacred Senses

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Have you ever smelled cookies baking and are transported back to grandma’s house? Our sense of smell is key to our memories. In the ancient centers of our brain, our lives are encoded by odors.

Our sense of smell, more so than any other sense, is linked to the part of the brain that processes emotion and associative learning. The olfactory bulb which sorts sensation into perception is part of the limbic system—a system that includes the amygdala and the hippocampus—parts of our brain that are vital to behavior, mood and memory. Read the rest of this entry »

Breathing Issues: Symbolic Dis-Ease

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By 2012 I had made a drastic change. I was about to embark on a new professional venture and began to have trouble breathing. Here’s my journal entry from then and how I experienced my body symbolizing soul lessons:


Thinking a lot about why my business has whittled down since moving it home. I have envisioned for years this decline to correspond with Steve’s coming retirement. Yet it is taking a toll on my ego.

Had a thought while walking Charlie in our favorite meadow; Steve and I had been texting about me waking up in the middle of the night worrying about my choices. In relinquishing the party line both conventional and alternative that creates dependency, and giving my patients what they need (not necessarily what they want–like high dose BHRT), have I cut off my nose to spite my face? Read the rest of this entry »


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We present this excerpt from “My Lovedance”because we believe the methods used to calm a situation down are vital for the now, and we don’t want to wait till Christmas.

Learning to be my truth within my family of origin has taken a very long time. It is our soul work to witness our lessons in the mirror of those we love. And families are magnifying lenses…

Dec 23rd, 2003

Off to Utah for the family holidays. Anxious premonitions of my beloved Santa cup breaking. After 20 years of keeping them safe for my sisters, I tried to pack them carefully, but one tumbled out of the car, so I traded my unscathed cup for the fractured one. This trip is about breaking attachments, perhaps to things, but yet deeper, to what I believed my sisters to be. As I am coming to know myself as joyous passion I shall recognize who they are as love. So many sister dreams lately. Since childhood, I have flown in my dreams stringing them along like Peter Pan, barely able to get them off the ground. Lately in my dreams, I do not hold their hands, but try to teach them to fly on their own, but they resist. I feel tired, saddened. Will my sisters throw me out like Yeshua was thrown out of Nazareth? Strangers can be more accepting than those closest when you change too rapidly. Read the rest of this entry »

Medicine Wheels and Sacred Spaces

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Like many on their soul path, I turned to the writing of others to learn more about myself. In the 90’s I was fascinated by Native American spirituality and read most of Mary Summer Rains books in which she is mentored by a Native American elder…a grandmother of great wisdom. I am grateful the author shared her path. So much so that I share mine with you now.

I created a Medicine Wheel garden in our side yard. I divided the eight sections with rocks and planted each section with the same types of flowers and herbs. In each I placed sacred items representing my path on the medicine wheel. And the garden grew so lovely, except in those areas that I needed to work on—self esteem and relationships. Another message from Mother Earth to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Chakras and Meditation

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My best friend asked to borrow any books I had on chakras and meditation. She couldn’t find anything online. I said sure. I’ll look through my library and see what I’ve got. So I went through my spiritual library. I’ve kept every book that has touched my soul but alas, I found nothing. How did I learn about chakras and such if not from books?

That got me thinking. When I first heard about chakras…I knew I already “knew” these power points. They were in perfect alignment with the endocrine system—the glands that produce hormones. Read the rest of this entry »

Dancing with Mom in the Afterlife

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Editor’s note: This is a story of grief and coming to terms with it. We hope by sharing Deborah’s journey, we make it easier for others whom have lost a loved one.

JULY 25th, 2015

The veil is very thin for me. Mom feels very close. Although no longer embodied, her energy is still here without the limitations of the body and she’s with my sisters and her grandchildren and all who love her and are open to receive her. Read the rest of this entry »

Sacred Rites of Passage

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Sunday I was blessed by the Grandmothers. In the center of a circle of beloved women, I received an ancient empowerment. Afterwards in tears of gratitude, I addressed the Council of Grandmothers in Ojai, California.

A memory awakened of a time when these sacred rites of passage welcomed the infant into her earth family, the girl into womanhood, the woman into the council of sages, the elder into the spirit world.

Without these rites of passage, we have lost the sacred. Struggling to find our way in the world, we search in dark places risking our health and our wellbeing then spend years recovering.

Hold your hands in the prayer position, then open them to create an inverted V. That is the blade, a masculine symbol. Now turn your hands down placing the point of the V in your lap. That is the chalice, the symbol of the feminine.

How many of us women have had to turn their chalices upside down to use them as a blade and fend off the world? Read the rest of this entry »

How To Heal Your Self

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A heavily laden fog dripped down my mare’s legs as she pranced excitedly beneath me one unusually damp Friday morning in late September. Holding the slick reins in check, I hesitated at the crest of the trail. As the steep wet asphalt lay disturbingly before us disturbing, a premonition caught my breath. I saw my mare fall trapping me underneath her. Well aware that thought creates reality, I tried to clear my mind and rode on. Read the rest of this entry »

Spirit on a Human Journey

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This life is not a spiritual journey. This is a human journey. My spirit chose this form to know itself as divine. The year I celebrated my fiftieth birthday, my best friend from second grade reconnected with me on FaceBook. After reading my birthday blog, she came as a patient to consult with me. It was like we were never apart…the same friendship re-blossomed after 25 years apart. Then she read my book—LoveDance—and then she asked, “When did you begin your spiritual journey?” And I answered:

When I realized I am spirit on a human journey. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Transform Yourself

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It’s been a time of turmoil. A roller coaster of events creating great change. Some desired. Some unexpected, but needed. Some dreaded, but well, here it is. The whole world is transforming. People around the world are asking for change, gathering, protesting, demonstrating. The time is ripe for transformation. Why?

Because we cannot evolve without change. We have been like caterpillars consuming everything in our need to grow. And then it seems everything stood still…there was little growth…as if we were in a cocoon of our own making…some have called it a recession and financially perhaps it is, but I call it a transformation. For under the stillness, great change is occurring. The caterpillar is transforming into a butterfly. Soon the first of the butterflies will emerge. Read the rest of this entry »