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A Heartfelt Testimonial

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Watch Adam Piandes describe his remarkable recovery from cancer with Genesis Gold® as a corner stone.

He still keeps using Genesis Gold® to keep himself healthy and balanced.

Help Your Body Age Gracefully

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“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

Gold turns to Silver, Dark becomes Light…

Time shapes us…Here are some tips on how to age gracefully.

Feed your Body Well

  • Enjoy Your Food—what we tell our body becomes reality.
  • Learn to love Produce. Colorful fruits and vegetables provides many phytonutrients including anti-oxidants that help your body decrease inflammation which ages it rapidly.
  • Get adequate protein for your lean body mass. Protein is lost as you age. Amino acids are the building blocks for all life—your muscles, bones, and organs, your hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune factors, and especially all the enzymes that catalyze every bodily function. And essential amino acids come from protein!
  • Eat healthy fats. Especially omega 3 fatty fish. Olive oil, nut oils, coconut oil, flax and hemp seed oils, avocados provide good fats for healthy cell function and adequate hormone production.
  • Drink red wine. One of the most powerful antioxidants, this super anti-aging food is enjoyed by theMediterranean people who have some of the best ratings of health and longevity in the world.
  • Eat only whole grains—go sparingly on the refined grains and flours and especially processed foods which are stripped of nutrients.
  • Cleanse your body with Vegies—Stop fasting and start fueling your metabolism.

Exercise your Body Joyfully

  • Exercise at least 3-5 times per week. Aerobic exercise (activity that makes you breathe hard) can slow the aging process by stimulating mitochondrial growth and activity. At the cellular level, age is a process of declining energy production. And energy comes form abundant, healthy functioning mitochondria.
  • Be active all day to avoid the “sitting disease”. Sitting more than a couple of hours a day is associated with diabetes, heart disease, poor sleep, and cognitive decline.
  • Grow a Garden. Gardening is a physical activity that provides exercise, connection with the earth and home grown produce!
  • Walk everywhere you can. Depend less on motorized transportation and more on the perfect vehicle of your body.
  • Carry your own stuff. Upper body strength can be built and maintained as you age by continuing your daily activities.

Take care of your Brain

  • Play games. Cards and other memory games can increase memory and attention.
  • Engage with other people. Regular social interaction especially with people of different ages stimulates your brain.
  • Take a class. Learning a new skill increases attention, memory, and problem solving abilities.
  • Mind over Matter. If you believe you will age poorly, your body will manifest age-related decline.

Supplement Wisely

  • Antioxidants to help your cells clean house.
  • Omega 3’s to protect against inflammation.
  • Digestive aides to help assimilate nutrients form the foods you eat.
  • Probiotics to keep your gut healthy.
  • Super greens to provide your body with extra phytonutrients.
  • Amino acids to provide the building blocks for healthy brain function and rebuild tissues.
  • Plant based vitamins and minerals that are activated and easily absorbed.

And to help you simplify your supplement regime, I created Genesis Gold® which has all the anti-aging micronutrients to help you age more gracefully.

Buy Now!

To your long healthy life!

The Male Brain and Hormones

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Is Male Behavior affected by Hormones?

Of course! Any woman knows that. Men are as affected by their hormones as we women are affected by ours. Yet it takes a study from Cambridge University to prove to the world of powerful men that indeed, their behavior is affected by hormones.

What’s most interesting is that this recent study looked at not male athletic or sexual performance, but how testosterone levels affect financial decisions.

In today’s world where the alpha male is not judged as much by his brawn but by his brains (or at least his ability to make money), these findings are quite significant. The study found that the higher the morning levels of testosterone were, the more money made that day. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to Live Longer

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I recently got tagged on Facebook after one of my friends read an article called Secrets From The Island Where People Forget To Die.

My friend said, “Thought of you, Deborah, when I read this article. Sounds like your words of wisdom.”

Well, the island is Ikaria in the north Aegean Sea. The people there live well into their eight, ninth, and tenth decades. Yes, it is common to see one hundred year old Greeks in the market, gardening, enjoying life. In fact, heart disease, cancer, diabetes are rarely heard of on this island. So how is it that these people rarely suffer from the same illnesses that shorten the lives of the rest of us.

In her her new cookbook Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die, Diane Kochilas sums up as six things which I totally agree with. Read the rest of this entry »

Genesis Gold®: Your Questions Answered

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Recapture your health with Genesis Gold

Q: What is Genesis Gold®?

Genesis Gold® is a natural nutritional supplement, I created to keep Hormones in Harmony™, balance the brain chemistry, enhance immune function and help you reach your optimal state of wellness.

Q: What can Genesis Gold® do for me?

Genesis Gold® can help retune the body by:
· Harmonizing hormones, especially in those hormonally challenged by male and female menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, insomnia, obesity, adrenal fatigue.
· Balancing brain chemistry, especially in those suffering from depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, mental fog, and learning disabilities.
· Enhancing immune function, especially in those exposed to air-borne germs like travelers, teachers, students.
Read the rest of this entry »

Listen to Deborah Explain it all!

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Today at 6:00pm Pacific Time: Listen to Deborah on Podcast iHeart Radio.

In this great podcast you can listen to all the details you need to learn about what Hormones in Harmony really means, where it comes from, and Deborah’s Journey to being the Hormone Queen!

Click here to listen.

It will also available on:

Tampa, FL: 102.1 FM and 1630 AM
Las Vegas, NV: 1520 AM and 107.1 FM
Lancaster, PA: 102.1 FM & 1640 AM
Macon, GA: 98.3 FM & 810 AM
Boulder, CO: 100.7 FM
Milwaukee WI: 104.1
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Long Beach, CA. 101.5 FM

AM/FM Broadcast can also be accessed here: AMFM247

“Hormones in Harmony” Excerpt, Part two

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Special Offer!
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What overweight mice taught me about how to heal you!

So challenged by the Hormonally Challenged, I began to assess and focus my treatments on the symphony of hormones produced by the neurological, immune, and endocrine systems.

Thanks to some pudgy white mice, I discovered – rather rediscovered – the HYPOTHALAMUS.

I had noticed a triad of disorders in my obese patients. They presented with thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, and problems with glucose metabolism. On top of all this they were unhappy, oftentimes treated with antidepressants. They wanted relief, preferably something natural. I wanted to figure out what was the common denominator. Read the rest of this entry »

Special offer on Hormones in Harmony!

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Special offer!

Hormones in Harmony Sale!

Editor’s note; We interrupt the normal workings of this blog to announce a wonderful bargain. For a limited time you will be able to get Deborah’s book Hormones in Harmony absolutely free!

How? On the kindle. From the 14th to the 18th, so starting tomorrow, the book will be on promotion. So make sure you are paying attention (don’t worry we will remind you), and snap it up while the going is good!

Why should you buy this book? Well you could head on to amazon and check out the glowing reviews but we’ve got a staff member with a few words to say on Hormones in Harmony. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Loves Genesis Gold?

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People like you do!

As we go through customer’s Testimonials you may note some include surprising results. Genesis Gold® has been through initial testing but not enough to confidently claim others with the same condition will always find relief. We believe the potential for healing is high. But none of the claims have been evaluated by the FDA.

My daughter takes Genesis Gold® for vitiligo. It works good and her spots have reduced by 3/4 % which is excellent improvement, but being a 16-year-old, she skips days.

I truly feel if my daughter took the appropriate dose continuously she would already be 100% healed.

I truly believe in your product. It is the only supplement that has helped heal my daughter’s vitiligo.


Mercedes Probst
Frisco, TX Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart

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Did you know that cardiovascular system is affected by your mouth? Not just what you put into your mouth, but the health of your teeth and gums affects your heart.

The bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities can also contribute to heart disease. A well known source of an infection of the heart called endocarditis is your mouth bacteria. That is why your dentist will pretreat you with antibiotics before a dental procedure if you have mitral valve prolapse.

Mitral valve prolapse is a sloppy heart valve that does not close properly after each contraction of the heart muscle leaking blood back into the ventricle and putting the heart at risk for blood borne infection.

When I was growing up, we had a little farm with goats, pigs, cows and horses. You could tell the health of the animals by the health of their teeth. Read the rest of this entry »