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How Stress Makes You Gain Weight

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Stress—a fact of modern day living, and the cause of so many diseases. Stress has been linked to heart disease, cancer, allergies, autoimmune disease, thyroid dysfunction, mood disorders and obesity.

While stress affects many parts of the body, the adrenals are responsible for creating the stress response.

What are the Adrenals?

The adrenals are small glands that lie on top (ad) of the kidneys (renals). These amazing glands have multiple functions. While the adrenals are endocrine glands producing hormones in response to pituitary stimulus that control carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, the adrenals also respond to neurological stimuli to initiate the fight or flight response, as well as electrolytes circulating in the blood to control blood pressure, and produce cytokines that influence immune function.

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Genesis Gold®: Your Questions Answered

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Recapture your health with Genesis Gold

Q: What is Genesis Gold®?

Genesis Gold® is a natural nutritional supplement, I created to keep Hormones in Harmony™, balance the brain chemistry, enhance immune function and help you reach your optimal state of wellness.

Q: What can Genesis Gold® do for me?

Genesis Gold® can help retune the body by:
· Harmonizing hormones, especially in those hormonally challenged by male and female menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, insomnia, obesity, adrenal fatigue.
· Balancing brain chemistry, especially in those suffering from depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, mental fog, and learning disabilities.
· Enhancing immune function, especially in those exposed to air-borne germs like travelers, teachers, students.
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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart

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Did you know that cardiovascular system is affected by your mouth? Not just what you put into your mouth, but the health of your teeth and gums affects your heart.

The bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities can also contribute to heart disease. A well known source of an infection of the heart called endocarditis is your mouth bacteria. That is why your dentist will pretreat you with antibiotics before a dental procedure if you have mitral valve prolapse.

Mitral valve prolapse is a sloppy heart valve that does not close properly after each contraction of the heart muscle leaking blood back into the ventricle and putting the heart at risk for blood borne infection.

When I was growing up, we had a little farm with goats, pigs, cows and horses. You could tell the health of the animals by the health of their teeth. Read the rest of this entry »