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From Living Fast and Dying Young, to Living Slow and Dying Old

Will our grandchildren be an entirely different type of human being? Evolutionary anthropologist Cadell Last has a theory that humans are undergoing an evolutionary transition that is being driven by our culture. Rather than biological evolution that caused physical changes in our evolving species over millions of years, Last believes that cultural evolution is changing the human species in a matter of decades.

What we focus our attention on, what we do changes our DNA. We are becoming a new type of human being. Cadell Last explains that, “Humans are naturally interested in music, movies, mathematics, and science and all of these things. So we’re just entering a world where we can own our own cultural reproduction, and we can engage in this for an entire lifetime.”

We are no longer “living fast and dying young” but “living slow and dying old”.

Last’s paper essentially states that as our brains get bigger, we have children later and live longer. While our early biological evolution was driven by survival, since the industrial revolution our biological evolution is being driven by our culture. With less time spent hunting and gathing our food, we have more time to study, learn, engage in the arts and sciences. In fact our survival today is more dependent on our cultural knowledge than our physical prowess. We don’t have to be big and strong to survive. Our knowledge, our emotional intelligence, our cultural diversity dictates not only our survival but how well we live. So we tend to delay child bearing in order to gain precious knowledge and cultural experience.

Last says, “People are going to be able to have more control over how they spend their time and energy, culturally speaking. And that will be a big change, that will be a fundamental difference between industrial society and the society we’re making.”

Last thinks the biological clock is becoming obsolete. “We’ll be having babies later in life, and fewer of them, in order to focus on their cultural development,” he explains.

Professionally, I’ve seen this trend. As a holistic infertility specialist, I’ve had quite a few women who chose to pursue their education and careers before having children consult with me on improving their fertility. They had been unsuccessful with conventional fertility treatments.

After a thorough endocrine evaluation, I usually prescribe nutritional support–specifically Genesis Gold to balance hormones and provide the nutrients necessary to optimize genetics. I’ve had women achieve pregnancy well into their forties and more so have healthy babies. And these older parents have so much to offer their children culturally speaking.

It’s a blessing to help bring in the new evolved humans.

As early as 2050, Last believes we’ll be living to 120, on average. I agree. Our DNA is encoded to live that long. We haven’t yet reached our full genetic potential. I believe what we believe becomes. I created Genesis Gold to help us optimize our genetic potential and that means living longer and healthier.

May your Hormones be in Harmony, 

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

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