Working with the Mind-Body Connection

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We have heard much of the Mind-Body connection. How thought creates reality. I believe the connection is deeper. That the body is the perfect vehicle for the soul in this earthly dimension. It is through the dense, sensual physical body that the soul learns profound lessons and experiences precious gifts.

Within the temple of the body exists all the knowledge needed for the soul to complete its journey here on earth. The vital information lies deep within each cell, in the genetic blueprint—the DNA. Encoded for optimal existence, our DNA resonates with the earth, with the plants and the animals. And our DNA resonates with others through the experience of Emotion. Emotion is the path to the soul, the body is the garden in which the path takes form.

The human body manifests soul lessons symbolically. Spirit’s first garden is the body. The physicality of the body provides the fertile soul upon which thought sows the seeds of imagination and nourishes it with emotion. The quality of emotion and the clarity of thought directs the rapidity and solidity of the physical manifestation within the body. Disease and injury are born of fear. Health and healing are born of love. Clear vision of wellbeing provides the matrix upon which the healthy, vibrant body becomes. Imagination fraught with horrific ideas of infirmity reaps a sick, frail body.

Think of the body as the garden and the soul as the gardener. Thoughts are seeds, emotion is water which brings these seeds to life in the body. When we realize our full potential as the manifestors of our own physical reality, then we begin tending our body garden with compassion. We direct our thoughts to clear visions of vitality and carefully water these thought seeds with the waters of life giving emotion—love.

We can heal anything if we imagine ourselves as healed vital beings and are in deep gratitude for our lives. When we are faced with hardship, we are challenged to find the love within the pain. Illness as a blessing rather than a curse becomes the way back to our true essence which is that of love. Choose life, vitality, health, happiness by choosing love. Love is always one of the potentials, in fact love is at the core of every potential. By choosing love, we are given the choicest cut of life, rather than having to chew through the gristle of fear to taste the center of love.

Soon we begin to realize that we are manifesting our beliefs in the world around us. In the people who mirror our thoughts, fed by our emotions. We note that what we intend becomes. We become careful to think loving thoughts and to tend our vivid imaginations with care. We are like children allowing our imagination to manifest to reality and playing in the garden of our making. We realize that we are co-creators in this life and become conscious of our power. And we learn to release our fears and manifest in love.

First we come to love our bodies. We come to understand our bodies, deeply familiarizing ourselves with the miraculous nature of our physiology, the beauty of our anatomy. We begin to see the magic in creation and claim our right to brew the most delicious nectar of creation within our body cauldrons. Within the body are biochemical messengers that fuel the fires of creation manifesting through music how the DNA might dance at any given moment. With the up-regulation of the full genetic encodement, we begin to experience the alacrine system— a sacred spinning geometry within the existing endocrine system which creates a myriad of precious molecules that are of the purest love essence. The alacrine system of unity fuels the creation of love, compassion and joy. A being with a functioning alacrine system knows only bliss as it witnesses all manifestations of creation with the eyes of love.

In 2000, I had this vision of the alacrine system and “saw” that as Genesis Gold® upregulates the DNA, gets it spinning to producing the divine nectar of the ALAcrine system is produced. Some call this soma…(see Soma for the Soul)…I call it the means by which we might thrive on our changing planet.

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